A life inspired by nature

Growing up, I loved the pure enjoyment of being outdoors. Summers adventuring in the woods, exploring the countryside, unearthing secrets in the garden. As kids we learned about trees and plants, how seasons affect the land, about the animals and insects that live around us. Nature has always been a source of wonder to me, and I’m grateful to share this with my son.

I guess it was inevitable that I’d start my own business based on the foundations of what I learned back then. Nature sparks our curiosity, and rewards patience and respect. I have the same passion for nature that I had as a kid, and it’s that joy and commitment that I look for in my crew.

Shaun Stokes

We all have a connection to nature, in some way. It's my dream to make sure we embrace that connection, and to create landscapes that fill us with joy and wonder every time we step outside.

– Shaun Stokes